Legislative Goals

I am committed to doing more than just talking about the challenges facing our community and state. I believe we must work together to find real answers to our problems.

I’ll continue to focus on these issues in the State Senate:
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    1. Economic security for working families
    2. Investing in education
    3. Housing affordability
    4. Improving healthcare access and cost
    5. Accountability and transparency in government
Richard Skip Daly Signature

Economic Security for Working Families

As we recover from the effects of COVID 19 and our economy is on the rise, too many are still left behind. We must ensure that work is rewarded with a fair wage, and workers are treated with dignity and respect. We must continue to bolster our skilled trades and technical work force as well, to expand our middle class and support our community’s growth.

One of the reasons I ran for office is that I believe we need a representative in the State Senate who will fight for families and who will stand up for Nevada workers. I am committed to better working conditions for all Nevadans, with jobs that provide good wages and benefits, including family health care coverage. I support equal pay for women and establishing a paid sick leave program for workers so they do not have to fear losing their jobs in case of illness or a family emergency.

In our volatile and ever-changing economy, we need to make sure that our senior citizens can count on their savings accounts and pensions being there when they retire. Retirement income security is a growing concern for so many Nevadans—those already retired and those planning for their retirement years. I support policies that help seniors enjoy the economic security they worked so hard for, including measures to help seniors get the at-home care, services they need and out of expensive nursing facilities.

Investing In Education

While we still need further investments in our schools, things have improved. In the State Assembly, I was proud to have voted  to ensure education dollars were spent in the classrooms, where they’d have the greatest impact for students and educators. I will continue the fight to improve our public education funding and standards so we have more qualified teachers and safe classrooms.

As the father of two children who went through Washoe County public schools, I have always worked hard to find ways to improve education in our state, whether it was volunteering with the school district or supporting legislation to properly fund our schools and to ensure more accountability from them.

My education priorities are:

  • Continue to reduce overcrowding
  • Ensure our schools are safe environments
  • Recruit and retain the best teachers
  • Make sure our coursework, including career and technical education, is preparing students for their future
  • Support early childhood education to give our youngest students a firm foundation to succeed
  • Promote greater accountability for school spending.

We must focus on strengthening career and technical education in our high schools and community colleges. Our community colleges play a critical role in responding to the needs of a fast-changing job market by providing students the job ready skills they need to fill the new jobs coming to our state.

Housing Affordability

More and more people are struggling to find affordable housing. In previous legislative sessions, I have supported legislation, such as former Senator Ratti’s SCR1, to create an interim study to examine affordable housing issues.

For many of us, this study confirmed what we already knew to be true. That home-based health care is part of housing affordability. That tax credits like those passed in SB448 encourage development and preservation of low-income housing, and that we should work with local governments to allow a reduction or subsidization of fees for affordable housing projects.

Improving Healthcare Access & Cost

While there is considerable uncertainty in our health care system due to what’s happening in Washington, we are working here at home to make health care more affordable, accessible and efficient for all Nevadans. I am committed to helping Nevadans reduce the cost and barriers to quality health care, and make good health care decisions through more transparency. I will continue to urge our congressional delegation to allow Medicare to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies to lower prescription drug costs.

Accountability & Transparency in Government

Ensuring that taxpayers’ money is spent in the most efficient and effective way possible is one of my top priorities – they’re my family’s tax dollars too! I have always been a strong advocate of greater oversight of government spending.

In the legislature, I supported and sponsored bills to do just that—to hold government accountable for every dollar spent and every action taken. We need to make sure our hard-earned tax dollars are being spent to truly improve critical state services, including education, public safety, transportation and services to help children, seniors and veterans.

As we move forward in our state, we must continue to ensure greater accountability from our government every step of the way. We should expect that every dollar is spent for its intended purpose and produces results. I have consistently fought for policies that require more oversight and accountability at all levels of government.

With the passage of WC-1, funding for school construction, Washoe County School District is doing a good job as they move forward to build new schools and repair existing ones. I will continue to carefully monitor these efforts to ensure that every tax-approved dollar is used wisely for this purpose.